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Enjoy Slow Travel in
Esashi Area

【Overview of Esashi Town】
■Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station – Esashi Town (about 75 min. by bus)
■Hakodate Station – Esashi Town (about 135 minutes by bus)
Tour of the economy and culture of a port town recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site / Tour of the Warship Kaiyomaru and the History of the Meiji Restoration / Nature and Marineping Experience / Esashi Gourmet Trip

Hokkaido Esashi Tourism Mirai Organization
Kaiyomaru Youth Center, 1-10, Ubagamicho, Esashi-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido

Information about Esashi Town in southern Hokkaido.
‘The herring fishing’ that the merchants who came on goods-carrying merchant ships gathered to Hokkaido for.
It was a town of that legend and prosperity, and it was part of the Meiji Restoration that headed Japan toward a modern nation. The location where the first huge warship Kaiyo Maru sank by the late Tokugawa period is Esashi. Today you are able to view it.
The sea of Esashi, nature, the evening view are protected carefully and are still same. You can hear about the multilayered history in Oiwake, Esashi and the Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival.

A day to enjoy Esashi's history and culture (only here!)

Esashi Port, a Japanese Heritage Town: May in Esashi, a town where herring thrives like no other in Edo

Why don’t you plan a historical and cultural tour of southern Hokkaido based in Esashi Town?
■Port town recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site
Economy and Culture of Southern Hokkaido by Merchant Ships / Inishie Kaido Street and numerous merchant houses(Nakamura and Yokoyama families)/ Ubagamidaijingu Shrine
■Shipwreck site of the Kaiyomaru, the last warship of the Shogunate to leave Edo
Tour of a full-scale restored ship / Exhibition of artifacts recovered from the seabed
■The center of Japan’s Esashi Oiwake culture
Instruction and hands-on demonstration at Esashi Oiwake Kaikan

A day to enjoy nature and experiences in Esashi

Why not plan a trip to experience nature and culture at the Port of Esashi, blessed with nature?
Beach sports on Kamome Island)/  Camp /  Vivid Esashi sunset map /  “Marineping Experience” to feel the sky above the sea  /  Feel the harshness of the winter challenge “Taba Wind” /  Experience the historical town wearing Kimono / Matcha Making Experience / Stroll the historical town in a kimono

A day to enjoy walking around Esashi

Why don’t you plan a trip to Esashi Town to enjoy city walking and gourmet food?
Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival /  Japanese Heritage Walk /  Esashi Gourmet / Esashi Sunset Map

Communications & Events


Winter Esashi 'Bimihyakusai' Hot Pot Festival (Early Feb.)

This is an event where visitors can enjoy nabe dishes such as local nabe from southern Hokkaido and creative nabe dishes, which are the pride of the vendors. In addition to local entertainment, brass band performances, and singing shows on stage, there will also be a children's playground and a raffle, making this a fun event for the whole family.

Kamome Island Festival (July)

It is a two-day festival of the sea held annually in early July in Esashi Town, Hokkaido. The festival is held at “Kamome Island,” the symbol of Esashi, and includes various events such as “Itsukushima Shrine Festival” to pray for safety at sea and a good catch of fish, a singing show, and a Kitamaebune Merchant Boat Rowing Competition.

Esashi - Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival (August)

Hokkaido's oldest festival. 13 luxurious floats (called yama) parade around the town. It is designated as Hokkaido heritage. In the 'Float Hall', you can see the floats used in the festival and the appearance of the festival.

Oiwake, Esashi National Tournament (September)

'Oiwake, Esashi' born and rooted into the long history and climate of Esashi. It has become traditional culture worthy of boasting to the world to the extent that there are branch offices not only in Japan but also in foreign countries. The big event where singers chosen from the whole country compete at singing 'Oiwakebushi' (Hokkaido folk tale).

A course to enjoy Esashi at a leisurely pace

Walk through the city while learning the history of Esashi

Guides from Esashi, who are well versed in local history, will take you to places such as the “Inishie Kaido” where many historical buildings are still preserved.
Day trip

Kamome Island Marineping

Children and adults alike can enjoy the nature of Esashi by playing at the beach, taking guided walks, camping with nothing in hand, marineping, and more.
Day trip

Learn the Esashi oiwake

Esashi Oiwake Kaikan offers an Oiwake Dojo for customers who want to try singing Oiwake.
30 min.~


Recommended route: From Hakodate

Take the South Hokkaido Railway from Hakodate Station to Kikonai Station (about 68 min.) - Transfer to a bus to Esashi Town (about 1 hr. 30 min.)

Recommended route: From Sapporo

Take the Limited Express from Sapporo Station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (about 3 hr. 30 min.) - Transfer to a bus to Esashi Town (About 80 min.)

Recommended route: From Tokyo

Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (about 4 hr. 16 min.) - Transfer to a bus to Esashi Town (About 80 min.)

~ The view from the train window is a wonderful memory. ~

Ferry from Okushiri (Okushiri Port to Esashi): about 2 hr. 10 min.

  • JR Hakodate Station – Ubagamicho Ferry-mae about 150 min.
  • JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station – Ubagamicho Ferry-mae about 80 min.
  • JR Kikonai Station – Ubagamicho Ferry-mae about 110 min.
  • Hakodate Airport – JR Hakodate Station about 20 min.
  • About 70 min. from Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
  • About 60 min. from Kikonai Station
  • About 70 km from JR Hakodate Station, about 1 hr. 30 min.
  • About 300 km from JR Sapporo Station, about 4 hr. 30 min.
  • Tokyo Station – Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station (Shinkansen) about 4 hr. 16 min.
  • Sapporo Station – Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station (Express) about 3 hr. 30 min.
  • Hakodate ~ Sapporo About 40 min.
  • Hakodate ~ Okushiri About 30 min.
  • Hakodate ~ Tokyo 80 min.
  • Hakodate ~ Nagoya 90 min.
  • Hakodate ~ Osaka 95 min.

Hokkaido Esashi Tourism Mirai Organization
Kaiyomaru Youth Center, 1-10, Ubagamicho, Esashi-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido

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